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AAFCO and NRC Standards
All About Poop
Your companion's waste really can tell you about about what they are eating and how they are processing the food they ingest.
Bacteria is a hot topic when it comes to raw feeding, but our cats and dogs actually can handle bacteria. It's also not as scary as we are told.
The Biotics of Gut Health
Calcium Phosphorus Ratio
This ratio is essential for not only growing puppies and kittens but to continually support the bones of the body. There are many sources that are explored in this article.
Chronic Wasting Disease
Denatured Meats
With all the news about grain free dog foods and DCM learn why that doesn't effect your raw fed pet.
Fish Oil and Other Oils
Vitamin E
Is there enough Vit E in a Raw Diet?
Vitamins and Minerals in Raw
Concerned about your companion getting everything they need nutrient wise? Check out this article companion various protein sources.
What are "Completes"
Why Carnivores DON'T Eat Carnivores
It's never recommended to fed your cat or dog. Besides potential parasitic transfers, biomagnification is a concern.
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