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Why we DON'T Recommend Feeding Fruits,Veggies, OR Carbs

As Prey Model Raw (PMR) feeders we believe strongly in a species appropriate diet.

This means meat, rmb’s (raw meaty bones) and organs, mimicking what they would eat in the wild. Our canine companions share 99.8% DNA with their wolf ancestors and their digestive system is almost identical. It was once believed that wolves would eat the stomach contents of their prey. This theory however, that they need fruits and veg because of the stomach contents has been disproved by many. In the book ‘Wolves: Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation’ by L. David Mech he writes that after observing wolves they would discard the stomach contents whenever possible. The only time they were seen to eat any sort of vegetation (mostly wild fruit) was when it was ripe and in abundance. Not as a 365 day a year food source. Remember, it’s feast or famine in the wild and when prey is scarce a wolf must eat what it can to survive. Surviving doesn’t equal Thriving!

Recent studies found some dogs have developed more Amy2b genes than wolves and therefore are better able to digest carbs. While this is true, the number of these genes is still small and differs between breeds. Does this mean they need carbs or they have developed an ability to digest some because of domestication? To us this only means that thanks to humans interfering with their diet over time they’ve had to desperately adjust to be able to receive some form of nutrients from what we were adding. 

Consider this, nothing else about our companions have changed:

  • Their molars haven't become flat. Their teeth are designed to rip through flesh and crunch through bones.

  • Their jaws haven't developed to move from side to side. In fact, their jaws only move up and down.

  • They don't have salivary amylase to break down the cellular wall of veg. Even those that support feeding veg advocate cooking and/or blitzing them because our carnivores do not have the ability to break down the cellular walls of veg. Therefore, diminishing some of the nutrients they contain anyway.

  • Their GI tract hasn't elongated. Herbivores have an extremely long digestive tract giving the vegetables a chance to be broken down and the nutrients to be absorbed. Dogs however, have a relatively short digestive tract designed to get food in and out quickly.

On top of all of this their pancreas only produces a small amount of amylase. Feeding fruit and veg can put a strain on the pancreas as it attempts to break these things down. Not only that but carbs, and especially fruit can cause yeast issues due to the sugar. Allergies can be blamed on the inclusion of veg in the diet as well.

Another important consideration is Omega 3. Omega 3 is very important for healthy brain function, eyesight, skin and coat condition etc. Balancing Omega 3 and Omega 6 is important as Omega 6 is inflammatory and 3 is anti-inflammatory. Dogs require Omega 3s EPA and DHA whereas plants contain ALA. When a herbivore eats plants it can convert ALA to EPA and DHA and therefore when your carnivore eats the herbivore it gets the correct fatty acids it needs! Your dog cannot convert ALA to EPA and DHA.

Basically, they have a minuscule ability to gain any small amount of nutrition from veg. Is that a good enough reason to replace some of the food they were biologically designed to eat with veg? We don't believe so.

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